Personal Memoir : Advanced Academic Writing Essay

Personal Memoir : Advanced Academic Writing Essay

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Safwan Waheed
Advanced Academic Writing
Personal Memoir
It is obvious that most parents around the globe like their children to be educated. In today’s world, education means higher living standards due to the globalization of industry and competence. My parents are an example for such ambition of pushing children into the intimacy of studying to guarantee a sustainable future. Even thought my family lives in one of the highly educated districts in Baghdad, most parents in this district believe that education is a subjective matter. Therefore, the only goal of students in my district is to attain a minimum passing grade because nobody asks them more than that, even their teachers. In other words, students consider school as a community to have fun instead of earning knowledge. The main reason for such behavior is due to the political situation of Iraq before 2003. At that time, even though a person may hold a degree in engineering, he would work for the government with little salary that is not enough for living. Therefore, educated people at that time have no value for education; they simply know that college education is not enough to build a successful carrier. They feel traumatized to see other citizens having higher living standards, who simply having no college degree. Most people in my district have this notion.
My father had experienced this hardship. After a long time working for the government, he found his salary to be not enough for living. After the gulf war, the national sanctions on Iraq collapsed the economy. The government had no money to spend on the employee. As a result, may employee including my father ended up with little money in there buckets. My father quit working for the governm...

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...come to the room to give them the lecture.
Students used to complain to Mr.Mahdi about the difficulties of the questions that we encounter in this school, which is very different from other memorizing based schools. His response is still swirling my mind “if the teacher gives you the same questions that you can find in the end of the chapter, your mind will fossilize.” I sometimes would compare the difficulty of questions I see in this school and other schools of my friends living nearby my home. I was telling them “how could you fail in these questions, you got to see my exam’s questions, it is much difficult than yours! As I grew up, I realized that teacher in other schools are not spending enough time explaining the subjects thoughtfully to the students, so their exams seem to be silly for me because my teachers explained the subjects even beyond the textbooks.

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