Essay about Personal Management Philosophy And Styles

Essay about Personal Management Philosophy And Styles

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I have been working throughout ever since procuring my undergraduate degree in business from Albany State University. I have been paying close attention to my managers and their individual management styles. Throughout have learned incipient management techniques from different leaders and hence have established my personal management philosophies. Further, through participating in various job roles has enabled me to learn different administration styles hence contributing primarily to shaping my beliefs and practices. Therefore, being in a position to realize personal management styles is of great significance as I venture deep into my career life by aiding to express myself better in the job market. In other words, my management philosophy and styles help significantly shaped potential manager and me currently in future by reflecting every single fact about my life. Personal management views are of different forms, but they often entail the same thing and will include.
My personality and work experience have played the crucial role in shaping personal management theories since I have been a results oriented person. My background experience as a school and religious leader have also contributed to my management styles by leading through example. As a university student, I have held chairperson and treasurer positions and thus assigned tasks to different individuals and groups within my jurisdiction. Through these opportunities, I was presented with excellent opportunities to establish that there exist some differences between a manager and a leader despite the fact that both govern people (Vaccaro, Jansen, Van Den Bosch & Volberda, 2012). A manager is a person who performs the role of planning, organizing and controlling personne...

... middle of paper ... management traits as compared to all other leaders have passed by through my entire working career. He possesses qualities such as honesty, integrity, cultural sensitivity, reliability, confidence, work competence, patience, accountable and has a positive attitude towards task completion. Mick is a kind of manager who demonstrates the high level of maturity which is evidenced by the ability to control his emotions and leading as an example to other junior staffs which serves as his strongest trait. However, he focuses on too many running projects at the same time which makes him concentrate more on particular work while neglecting others and it’s is perceived as his managerial weakness. Further, working alongside Mick has enabled me to develop desirable management skills especially on how to handle many employees and at the same time concentrate on ongoing work.

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