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Personal Leadership Statement Essay examples

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Leaders will no matter what have an influence on our world. They have missions, dreams and ambition, and with these things they are bound to go far. For leaders, what makes these dreams come true is having strong qualities such as leadership practices, values and strengths. If developed and learned how to use correctly, these are what take leaders to the next level and accomplish great things. In the following paper I will talk about leadership in our ever-changing world, explore my leadership practices, values and strengths as well as elaborate on the goals I have made to challenge myself as a leader.
Even though our world is constantly changing as shown in the video, “Did You Know?”, the way our leaders lead has been fairly constant. The traits and qualities past leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King had are the same traits the leaders we look up to today have. Good leaders are aware of our continuously shifting world and have learned to adapt to what works best for those around them. The book, Learning as a Way of Being, discusses how as leaders we must be prepared for the changes that are constantly occurring in our society. We need to always be open to learning new things and how to best adapt to the environment around us. The more experiences we deal with in the past, the more prepared we will be for the changes in the future.
The values I have found I possess as a leader are very centered around the relationships I have with other people in my life. This is not a surprise, for I tested green, in my Insights Discovery, with yellow being high as well. Having green as my Insights color shows that I enjoy working with people and being somewhat of the team “cheerleader.” I always am the one looking for the b...

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...t I’m learning now by being in PLP is helping me prepare for these goals and life dreams. This is being achieved through the other students I not only live with, but also have class with, the volunteering opportunities, the classes, and the connections. One of my favorite quotes to live by is from William Arthur Ward and that is, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it,” and I feel like I am working towards just that at this point in my life.

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