Personal Leadership : Career Goals Essay

Personal Leadership : Career Goals Essay

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Managerial Leadership is consisted of innovator and broker concerned with innovation,
adaptation to change, director and producer concerned with planning and goal setting, achievement of productive outcomes, coordinator and monitor concerned with organizational
effectiveness, and mentor and facilitator concerned with effective human relations (Journal.TDL.Org). These are the primary goals I wanted to achieve throughout my career in management, therefore I took this Managerial Leadership course to help expand my knowledge and understanding of leadership. Moreover, everything I hope to learn in taking Managerial Leadership came to fruition, because of the essential techniques such as; self-talks, self-awareness and setting self-goals I learn to successfully lead myself as well as others.
Evolution of Personal Leadership Model:
The characteristics that were most meaningful to me were self-talks, self-awareness and setting self-goals, but most of all self-observation and learn to lead yourself first. I learn to understand and lead myself before I can lead someone else and just a great leader. Great leaders are the most memorable. They go about their day leveraging their distinction by leading in ways that come most naturally to them. They are remembered and admired because they have their own unique style and approach that supports innovation and initiative and are known for making the workplace culture stronger, more unified and collaborative (Forbes).
Nevertheless, my personal leadership model did change throughout the course, but it was a good change. The change broadens my horizon and only added a clearer perception of the things that needed to change in order to become successful. My personal leadership model cha...

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...cause I learned I don’t have to do everything myself I have to trust my team. These accomplishments have already begun to occur through my daily routine morning communication meetings with my team and with my colleagues. I’m currently enrolled in a management leadership class and well as a management level II class to enhance my knowledge and understanding of leadership and hold myself accountable for me actions. I also have sought out a mentor within the company to guide me and provide advice along the way. To be successful in any field, aspiring leaders require role models and guidance. Mentoring gives you the extraordinary opportunity to facilitate a protégé’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge you learned through years of experience (Ache.Org). Therefore, building a relationship with a mentor will be key to self-leadership action plan success.

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