Personal Leader Philosophy And Being A Servant Leader Essay

Personal Leader Philosophy And Being A Servant Leader Essay

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I picked Peggy Ralphson as my leader because she has been a mother, an owner, a wife, and a volunteer. In this interview. I asked her questions pertaining to her personal leader philosophy and being a servant-leader. Her answers were straightforward and to the point.
My first question was “How has being either an introvert or extrovert shaped the way that you lead?”. Her answer was that she considers herself to be in the middle of the two as her main goal is to remain consistent by finding balance and being flexible. She mentions that being overly ambitious can overwhelm people instead of helping them. I find that a great point because as I consider myself more of an introvert, having an overly extroverted leader makes me feel like I’m not going it my all making me feel down about myself. My next question simply asked whether Peggy considered herself a Y leader or an X. Her answer was “Based on my personal relationships, I consider myself to be part of the Y category. I try to take other peoples into consideration and have always been nurturing than strict”. I thought this was amazing because her leadership philosophy follows exactly how she has led her life.
I then moved on into the topic of servant-leadership. I asked Peggy what her opinion was on servant-leadership. She says that it works well in a business setting. She mentions being a good listener as well as giving good feedback are a basis for a great foundation for success. My next question was “How has using a web-based (CEO is in the middle) or a hierarchy-based (CEO at the top) communication shape your way of leading?”. Her answer was “Being a manager under a hierarchy based CEO has taught me not to use that style of leadership. I was not able to express my way o...

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...boggling as she said “Being philosophical may be a disadvantage as not seeing the reality of things, but spends more time seeking a deeper meaning”. I can now see why having a philosophical leader can be undermining to a business because instead of moving on and sternly fixing an error, that kind of leader will spend precious time finding a deeper meaning of why that error happened. My last question asked if she saw any differences between how men and women lead. Peggy;s response was “Yes, definitely. In my case, the women I have worked for seemed to rule differently depending on their emotional state”. She then mentions that she has no experience with a male supervisor, which is interesting because usually males are at the top. One reason to that fact could be the area in which she lives in. There might be more women and, therefore, leading to a lot of women leaders.

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