Personal Knowledge And Knowledge On The Foundation Of Shared Knowledge Essay

Personal Knowledge And Knowledge On The Foundation Of Shared Knowledge Essay

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Personal Knowledge is formed on the foundation of shared knowledge.
Discuss with reference to two Areas of knowledge

Often it is assumed that our source of personal knowledge stems from the core of shared knowledge, however this is a common misconception as it is only valid to a certain scope. The Ancient Japanese proverb, ' 'none of us is as strong as all of us ' ', agrees with the assumption as it can be deduced the intent of this proverb is to indicate that shared knowledge overpowers personal knowledge, and to an extent tells us personal knowledge overall leads to the formation of shared knowledge. However, the validity of this conjecture is not entirely predisposed, through the Areas of Knowledge of Mathematics and Art a bidirectional argument is formed. Shared knowledge is highly structured, is systematic in its nature and the product of more than one individual. While individuals contribute to it, shared knowledge does not depend only upon the contributions of a particular individual—there are possibilities for others to check and amend individual contributions and add to the body of knowledge that already exists[1]. Personal knowledge, on the other hand, depends crucially on the experiences of a particular individual. It is gained through experience, practice and personal involvement and is intimately bound up with the particular local circumstances of the individual such as biography, interests, values, and so on. It contributes to, and is in turn influenced by, an individual’s personal perspective[2].

Ethnic/social changes at certain times and places has influenced the artistic world (including dance, painting, music etc.) which has then cultivated a change in a group of individuals an...

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...llective community in the Arts”. However, without the existence, spread, and development of personal knowledge, there is no room for shared knowledge to grow. Personal knowledge may lead to the rise of artistic movements and thus the creation of artistic movements. The artistic movements may subsequently lead to a paradigm shift. Shared knowledge and personal knowledge must work hand in hand to help shape knowledge. Thus, I agree with the statement that personal knowledge is based on the foundation of shared knowledge to a certain extent.


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