Personal Knowledge And Knowledge Of Knowledge Essay

Personal Knowledge And Knowledge Of Knowledge Essay

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Personal knowledge is shaped with shared knowledge through the areas of knowledge. Personal knowledge is the knowledge of an individual that cannot be shared easily due to its complexity revolving around the ways of knowing. While shared knowledge is the knowledge of a group and is relatively easier to explain than personal knowledge. It also uses the areas of knowledge which are embedded into the personal knowledge, while both of these types of knowledge are different they help one another by pushing or dismissing knowledge obtained by them.
In both personal and shared knowledge you are obtaining some form of knowledge. Knowledge is the strength of one statement over another in order to support it. An example of shared knowledge would be mathematics. Mathematics over the years has shared information in order to create no mathematical theories and formulas. Now this shared knowledge doesn’t only influence the shared knowledge it influences personal knowledge of people. In one aspect would be a mathematician working on one equation/theories and another mathematician is looking to solve the same problem. They may both approach it from different angles and come up with a different equation /formula for an answer. But when they test to see if there formula is correct they will be blinded by their sense perception and emotion in order to dismiss anything that can prove there formula wrong. But ultimately the formula with the most support would be valid and the other would invalid. So the mathematician and any supporters they had for his formula. So that they would not be blinded by the actual knowledge. So shared knowledge can affect personal knowledge but also it can work vice versa.
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... So when I had to do work on farm, fields, or cutting wood I was able to communicate with them using language they used shared knowledge of how to do all the work efficiently and then it came back to me as personal knowledge because I had gained experienced and knowledge through it.
So the aspect in which the personal knowledge is given shape by the shared knowledge is that the shared knowledge is altering the personal knowledge the more it grows or changes will influence the knowledge people hold for it. Because the personal knowledge is not only influenced by the ways of knowing but also by the areas of knowledge which are centered in the shared knowledge. So when the shared knowledge is giving form to itself every time it is altered it is also giving form to the personal knowledge through the areas of knowledge and also the paradigm shifts that occur through it.

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