Personal Journal: Past Experiences Shaping Future Career and Life Essay

Personal Journal: Past Experiences Shaping Future Career and Life Essay

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Understanding the impact of past experiences, the resulting feelings and beliefs and the resulting impact on how individuals view the world effects the way individuals in a social work perspective approach practice (Chenoweth & Mcauliffe, 2005). Gambrill (2005) argues about the importance of self-knowledge in understanding an individuals own strengths and limitations, while Thompson (2000) expanded on this idea including understanding how the use of self impacts on theory and knowledge. This essay will provide a reflective description and analysis of the impact of important personal and professional practice on my future practice in the social work profession. First a descriptive overview of key past family issue will be provided and a reflective analysis of the resulting impact on my personality development and implications for future practice will be stated. Second a brief overview of volunteering, work and education experience will be described and linked to personality traits and possible influences on future practice. Third using theory, personality traits will be described analysed in regards to implications for practice. Forth theory will be used to link personality traits with potential conflict management styles and the impact this will have on future practice. Finally potential practice frameworks will be identified and justified in relation to my individual personality traits. The impact of spirituality will not be examined in this essay as I do not feel spirituality is an important part of my life. The impact of extended family members will also not be examined because they live interstate and as a result I only see them once a year.

Past Family Issues
Single Parent Family- Absent mother
My parents married when I wa...

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