Personal Interest And Attitudes Towards School Essay

Personal Interest And Attitudes Towards School Essay

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From my observations week by week I have noticed the teacher differentiates learning to help her students engage using their personal interest and attitudes towards school. For example one of the students Darian is not asked to sit on the rug like the rest of the students as he is more focused when he is sitting in a desk rather than on the rug. Because Ms. Diaz has had this specific student for the second year she understands that he functions better in his seat than he does on the rug. I also realized the teacher sets goals for her students giving them the sense of feelings that they have control over their learning and what is being taught in their classrooms. Because Ms. Diaz is a big supporter on peers helping one another, the students know that they can learn from and teach each other also providing differentiated learning in the classroom.
The learning task thus far seems to engage the students through various ways. Usually the students are asked to talk to each other or answer questions aloud, the students usually have to write something based on the material learned and there is almost always a creative aspect, either an art work they have to create or a dance, or a song they might sing along to that references what was being learned.
Furthermore, the teacher elicits and builds on students responses by asking the students guiding questions, the teacher also challenges the students to think out the box for instance during one activity the students were asked to use 3d geometric shapes to create an art work most of the students used the circle to draw a persons head or sun and a triangle for girls dresses, the teacher thought this was basic so she suggested they re-think their drawings, until one of the students Julian cr...

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...pportive and connected they are always eager to help one another out and are always looking for ways in which they can share what they have done or have learned with their peers. Finally, a strength shared by this in this classroom is goal setting; I am always astonished as to how well they set goals for themselves and how well they keep these goals.
From my observations, I would say Ms. Diaz is a very effective teacher; furthermore, I would not make any changes to what she does. However, I would like to implement more family involvement as I feel she is lacking in this area, I hardly ever see her call homes or see any parents visit the classroom. I would also suggest Ms. Diaz implement stronger connections with other teachers, I think as the head teacher she is very effective but I feel like she is not trusting of other teachers to teach her students effectively.

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