Essay on Personal Insight Into The Nursing Practice

Essay on Personal Insight Into The Nursing Practice

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Personal Insight into the Nursing Practice
In this paper I will explore the insights I have gained throughout the semester and how they are relevant to my development as a student nurse. First, I will discuss my assumptions, values, and beliefs about what health and health promotion means. Second, I will identify and elaborate on knowledge gained from BNUR 288. Third, by exploring insights, I will explain what community health promotion looks like. Lastly, I will reflect on nursing roles I have assumed throughout practice.
Assumptions about Health and Health Promotion
An individual that I view to be healthy is someone who has a complete sense of self in regards to their physical, social, and mental well-being. For example, a person can still be healthy if they live with a health condition, but deal with it in a positive way. Being aware of these assumptions towards what health means will guide me in holistically caring for others.
Health promotion is a primary prevention measure that builds and strengthens everything from individual to the population’s health. This allows for increased control over determinants of health because it enables people. This insight will guide me in the future to collaboratively work with partners to empower them and increase control over their health status.
Having access to support systems is something I view as an integral part of being healthy. I value my support network because these people listen to my concerns and guide me through difficult situations by giving me their time and attention. I can incorporate this in future practice by assessing if clients have support and if they do not I can provide them with the resources they may need.
Reducing gaps in health status i...

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...isual, and tactile in teaching the students about the Canadian Food Guide. I felt that by doing so the students were overall engaged and retained the majority of information provided.
By critically reflecting on personal learning and insights I can learn about myself and positively grow from experiences. Analyzing my thoughts regarding health and health promotion will guide the way I put forth care, both on the individual and community level. By applying on-campus learning into practice settings it provides me with the opportunity to experience important nursing content in a more tangible way. Exploring what community health promotion entails gets me to look at the bigger picture of nursing, instead of the traditional focus on individual clients. Reflecting on nursing roles I have played a part of brings my attention to the diversity found in nursing.

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