Personal Information On Social Networks Essay

Personal Information On Social Networks Essay

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Many people use social networks everyday as a way to share their personal lives with their friends or followers. Many people are culprits of oversharing personal information on social networks. Oversharing is when one reveals an unacceptable amount of information which may or may not be inappropriate. Also what most seem to fail to remember is that whatever is posted online, stays online forever. The main social networks that are victims of oversharing include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. “Communities are outraged by the personal information posted by young people online and colleges keep track of student activities on and off campus. The posting of personal information by teens and students has consequences” (Barnes 1). While oversharing is mainly done by young people, it is also executed by adults. Although oversharing via social network has become the normal of the decade, most users fail to remember the lack of privacy it provides and the repercussions they or others might have to face.
When asked if people approval of this issue, most people will reply with no. There is disapproval of this privacy issue because it seems to do more harm than good. It allows others to read what people write or post inappropriate things about themselves or others.
There are many social media users who support the idea of oversharing. For example, the government supports oversharing because it is a way for them to gather personal data and spy on citizens. Other supporters include adults or parents because it gives them a way to share their lives, embarrass their children and gives them a sense of youth. But the main supporters are teenagers because it allows them to receive attention, share their lives with others, as well as, express them...

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People who use social networks have the tendencies to overshare without thinking of the lack of privacy or the consequences that might come as a result. More people need to disapprove of this issue because it creates many problems. The supporters of this cause are the government, adult (parents) and teenagers. It affects anyone who decides to post unnecessary, detailed information about their personal lives on the Internet. There are many bad things that come as a result, such as stalking, denial of entry to college or getting hired, getting kicked out of school or fired, and if severe enough, jail time. It is important to take the time to educate the world of the harmful effects of oversharing via the Internet. While it may be fun to let people know about one’s personal life, it is important to remember that not everyone cares and also it might be an endangerment.

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