Personal Growth Through Learning Essay

Personal Growth Through Learning Essay

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I’ve made it my passion to be a life-long learner to sharpen my skills, abilities and God-given talent. When an individual doesn’t make a conscience effort to expand their minds, then they are actually making a decision to begin to digress. Being an older college student, my desire is to learn everything that I possibly can with the aid of Victory University. It was fascinating reading about Rene’ Descartes who grew up in France. Descartes was also a life-long learner. He was the thinker and writer who coined the phrase, “I think, therefore I am” (Gluck, Mercado, & Myers, 2014, p. 7). Although Descartes existed during the time of the Renaissance, his theory that the eyes were significant to stimulating other parts of the body, such as the fingers, arms and legs was brilliant. It is now understood that this” process begins with the stimulus, a sensory event from the outside world entering” through the eyes (Gluck et al., 2014, p. 7).
Learning the proper terminology was competitive, fun and stimulating. It gave me something exciting to look forward to in class each week. In my opinion, making learning and growing fun is an excellent way to connect the student with the information. Now, when I’m focused on learning something new, my mind automatically remembers the term engram. I smile knowing there’s a “physical change occurring in my brain to form the basis of my memory” (Gluck et al., 2014, p. 56). There was another discovery that I made this weekend. Usually, I hear the fire siren in my neighborhood every Saturday at noon. This past Saturday, I didn’t notice it all, perhaps due to habituation. I’ve lived in my home for more than 15 years. It’s natural, at this point, that habituation would occur because it dev...

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... a trial that lead to small changes in performance that seek to reduce the error on the next trial” (Gluck et al., 2014, p. 133). As students of psychology, it is important to realize that all tests are not fail proof. We shouldn’t become dependent on the results of the tests and surveys that we provide to the general public as though it is a “reliable indicator of the test taker’s ability and knowledge” (Gladwell, 2005, p. 56).

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