Personal Experience: Writing and Performing my Own Music Essay

Personal Experience: Writing and Performing my Own Music Essay

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“There are approximately 37 million student loan borrowers with outstanding student loans today.” ( Seems to be a ridiculously high number, except for when the fact that “…12 million (people)… borrow annually to help cover costs.” ( This means that 12 million people each year dig themselves just that much deeper into debt. When speaking of college, every year is another leap and another bound into a debt that will take years upon years to pay off. This seems to raise an important question; is college just a debt trap? College may truly not be the best option for everyone in today’s society.
Most places of employment in this day and age find the appropriate college diploma to be a very vital, or even required, during the hiring process. However, there are jobs that do not see a college diploma as necessary. For example, many musical career options do not need any sort of college education. The musical career field has been a thriving field of employment for centuries, growing and forming as technology becomes more extensive. Because the technology has expanded more and more, so has the list of available job positions in the field.
As a performing musician, these job positions caught my attention. Especially considering that I’d rather not become consumed by the debt bestowed upon those attending college. However, what I’ve learned through my extensive research is that there are so many more contributions to recording a single song, or performing a single show, than what is actually seen or heard. And each of those contributions has a job opportunity in itself. Some of these jobs, such as a recording technician, do require some sort of training or certain qualifications to properly carry out the tasks assigned t...

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...there’s no actual need to put yourself into debt, then don’t do it.” At least this once, I’m going to listen to my mother’s words and not put myself into debt. I have no needed for a higher education past high school, and I believe I can do what many others before me have done and make my dreams reality in my own way. I will prove anyone who tells me I can’t make it with the “big leagues” of music wrong one day.

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