Personal Experience with Language and Other Skills and Abilities

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Linguistic After finding out that I have a slightly lower score on my linguistic ability came as a surprise to me, this is because I have always been able to express myself well and if I find something difficult I will often try to explain it to understand the particular topic. However doing some research I found that high scoring linguistic learners can often use words in written and spoken forms. I have always struggled reading and writing throughout my life, and this would explain why I got 42% in this area. On the other hand this hasn’t affect me as a learner the reason why this surprised me is because I have always loved English and even took it at A- levels despite my teachers who tried to discourage me from taking it. Logical – Mathematic Discovering that my second highest learning style is the logical area of intelligence is something that I very much agreed with. The reason being is I always ask questions no matter what the subject area is I always ask “why” something may or may not be. I also reflect very heavily on task even when they are finished this is because in my head if I ever had to do it again I want to do better, pushing myself forward. Often when I struggle with a question or topic I try and think of logical step by step explanations for what I’m looking for, trying to come to a sensible agreement in my head before I ask for guidance. I am glad that this reflects so highly in the score I got because I have always thought that it always very important to ask “why” ever since I was little, or no one would know anything. Visual – Special The score of 67% is also an area of learning I agree with very much. I have always enjoyed colour and interesting pictures, if I ever were to choose a book or ... ... middle of paper ... ...ry important for myself to increase this score and try to be even more sociable, because I want to be a counsellor as my occupation so I need to make sure this is high as it can be, so I can talk to people even more confidentially. Musical Finding out that my musical learning style was 31% didn’t shock me. Despite the fact that I love to listen to music and to listen to other people to sing or play instruments. I have always struggled to distinguish different sounds and instruments from a particular piece of music. I have also always struggled to play instruments in particular wind instruments, I have always been much better with stringed instruments in particular the acoustic guitar, I feel that playing the guitar requires a slightly higher degree of concentration there for I enjoyed it more and got a higher sense of achievement when I could play a song.
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