Essay on Personal Experience: This Rich Kid

Essay on Personal Experience: This Rich Kid

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When I was in 8th grade, there was an issue that was needed to be taken care of and the rich kids were not usually the ones to be addressed for these types of situations because it is always believed that the richer someone is, the less they care about the poor which is never entirely the case. Whether I was in Haiti, Miami or Montréal, Canada, I was always seen as this rich kid that had no compassion whatsoever for anyone but the rich social class members. The fact that I have always been in private schools somehow always trailed me back to being called the "Richie rich" of any location. I was loved by many but the question still remains whether they loved me for the right reasons.
Some of the common might find that name soothing and prideful, but to me it is nothing but a scar that will stay implanted in a body that does not know where to belong. All my life I've been confronted with this issue not for race or color or even gender, but just for the fact that I was always in schools where I, as for several of my friends, were always the wealthiest or the ones to always have it "good" according to most of the other students. I never liked being called a rich kid because being called "that rich kid" is never as soothing as it may sound. Most often, the ones to be called "the rich" are often linked with hidden messages behind them. It was not in Montréal, Québec, where I was first confronted with this issue, but it was only then that I was confronted so grandiosely. To be rich does not mean to own property or to own gold or money, my definition of a rich person is one who, without a doubt, can help everyone around them without having to worry about money or materialism which, according to many is the only key to happiness.


... middle of paper ..., really help the poor or was it only a frame. Life as we know it does not hand out presents, they are earned. Judgment around the world exists but if it is too hasty, it can turn into ignorance. Other than that, I know deep in my heart that we had done the right thing. Often misunderstood by the world, the rich are not all bad people, they do not all live well from the sucking of other people's riches to make then poor and hurt them and they do not all have cold hearts. To have enough money to live and to have a family that works for the betterment of the poor's life is a privilege, not a sin to turn into being called a "rich kid". Names will always be given to those who are misunderstood and change all starts from within so all there is left to do is make sure that social, circumstantial or even political motives does not keep anyone from doing what's right.

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