Personal Experience : The Stock Market Game Essay

Personal Experience : The Stock Market Game Essay

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Part 1: Personal Experience
The stock market game is a great way to learn and understand how stocks work. I ended up learning that going all in and shorting stocks was the quickest way to make money. Unfortunately, it is also the best way to experience the slaughter when stocks go other than what you predict. In the beginning, I did not truly understand how to play the stock game. I was afraid and put clumps of money in different stocks. The cost was hundreds and hundreds of dollars that. Slowly as I tested shorting with Sunedison (SUNE) I began making up the money that I lost. Eventually I ended up shorting and covering every stock I bought. I learned to read the graphs and analyze the news to attempt to predict how the market would turn. I also learned that the market ties into world events such as mass shootings, plane crashings/disappearances, food contaminations, or diseases. Toward the end of the game, I came across a VIX stock. Not knowing what it was, I shorted the stock and going all in as I usually do. What I didn’t know, was that VIX is the type of stock where the prices jack way up when the market goes down hill. In the last month of game, the market began plummeting, and I went from 11,500. to 9,000 overnight. From 9,000 in my portfolio, I only prayed that the market would sky rocket. Slowly, the market went lower and lower every day. I had so much hope, but in the end, I was stabbed in the heart by a loss of almost 5,000 dollars in my portfolio, in the span of 2 weeks. VIX stocks drew me into investing in them because they were extremely active. VIX stocks follow the market and turn the complete opposite of where the market is going. I learned that when going long, it is extremely difficult to be pa...

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.... In recent years, in the 2000s. There was a recession from 2007-2009. Prices were high and the prices of gas were ridiculous. With the 2016 deal that the United States made with Iraq, the prices of oil have dropped and the price of gas is around 2.55-2.65 in California. Go back a year ago, and prices were meeting close to 4.00. Go back farther to 2008, gas prices were up to five dollars. High Frequency Trading, or HFT, is basically a stock market that is speedy and quick and sometimes unpredictable. HFT causes the stocks to rapidly change. In some cases, this can be helpful to the market and investors, or extremely damaging to those who predicted the opposite of what occurred due to HFT. The stock market can be unpredictable and can turn away from those who do not control it like the rich and wealthy. Often times has a high risk high reward kind of mentality.

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