Personal Experience: Plans on What to do to Become a Professional Engineer

Personal Experience: Plans on What to do to Become a Professional Engineer

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In this document, the student will describe what he plans to do as a candidate engineer, to qualify to become a professional engineer. The strategy for CPD (continuous professional development) will be discussed for when the student is registered as a professional engineer.
The student intends to become a professional engineer and to make sure that the right amount of continuous professional development is done. There is a high standard of competency in the field of any engineering and one must comply with these competencies in order to uphold his/her status as a professional or candidate engineer.
A strategy will be planned as to how the student will achieve these standards of competency within the start and development of his career. This personal professional development plan is completely the candidate’s responsibility and the candidate will be proactive, because achieving the plan in this document will be extremely beneficial to the candidate’s career.
Candidate Engineer
A candidate engineer is someone who has got a BEng degree or a BSc (Eng.) degree at a University. One has to register through ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa) to be titled a candidate engineer in South Africa. This is the first stepping stone to becoming a professional engineer. Once the qualified person has registered as a candidate engineer, there are various requirements and procedures that need to be done before the candidate engineer can register as a professional engineer. (ECSA1, n.d.)
Since the student plans to stay in South Africa after he completes his degree, ECSA will be the right organisation to register with. The ECSA Candidate application form will be filled in and sent in on the day that the student receives his d...

... middle of paper ... issues. The candidate must realise the presence of a social or cultural issue and know who is involved and approach the issue professionally and resolve it appropriately. This outcome also requires the engineer to evaluate whether a solution to a problem is sustainable or merely a temporary solution.
Learning outcome 7 deals with regulations that the engineer must abide by in order to cover him/herself legally. He/she must “meet all legal and regulatory requirements and protect the health and safety of persons in the course of his or her complex engineering activities” (SAIMechE, n.d.). In design and solutions solving, the candidate must comply with the applicable regulations and safety rules in that particular field. He/she must be able to find the risks involved in the activities and be able to minimise and manage the risks properly.
Learning outcome 8

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