Essay Personal Experience: My Weaknesses and Strenghts as a Writer

Essay Personal Experience: My Weaknesses and Strenghts as a Writer

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela. Some people say that change is a bad thing, and some say that change is a blessing. Change is what makes us human. It is what enables us to grow wiser and stronger, and it is also what allows us to love, hate, and grow. I have grown so much since I have started the eighth grade in ways that I love, and ways that I have not yet recognized. I have learned and changed greatly throughout mathematics, science, and history, but I have learned the most about writing properly. Throughout the year, I have changed and recognized my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, my strategies and my progression, and what has caused change and the change to come.
My strengths, weaknesses, and preferences as a writer have changed and have been recognized in my eighth grade year. My strengths as a writer are my vivid imagination, my descriptive vocabulary, and my ability to compose factual pieces of writing. I would say that my imagination has changed and upgraded this year because I have experienced, read, seen, and learned so much in such little time of my life. Reading The Outsiders, Out of the Dust, and To Kill a Mockingbird in class have really given me a fresh egg of pure, imaginative power to experience and use. They have also exposed me to more words that I have never seen before, and with the help of my vocabulary book, I have learned a broad spectrum of vocabulary from multiple sources. We have done ten chapters in our vocabulary book and in each chapter there are fifteen words. That means that I have added another 150 words to my vocabulary without embodying the countless number I have learned from reading. I have also absorbed many facts from the...

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... my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, I have changed my writing process and strategies, and I have recognized what I have learned and what I would like to write about in the future. I may not be an amazing writer nor an expert writer, but I have come so far in learning how to write from not knowing anything about how to write properly to knowing most of what I need to know to write properly. My life has been impacted so much by the experience of learning everything that I know about writing and I know that it will serve me well in the future when it will be extremely important to know how to write. I also know that I will improve my writing and keep using this writing process as long as I live. Like Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And with this education, that is exactly what I plan to do.

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