Essay on Personal Experience: My Exercise Plan

Essay on Personal Experience: My Exercise Plan

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Ever since I started working out sophomore year I have seen an incredible increase in muscle mass and power intensity. Because of VPE I now work out almost everyday and keep myself physically fit. Proof of this is shown in my fitness scores where as a freshman I started out doing nearly 50 crunches and 10 pullups and I'm now doing consistently 100 crunches and 20 plus pull ups. I have taken a liking to lifting and the gym rat lifestyle. I now consistently take protein supplements and not only does it help with post workout soreness but also improves energy throughout the day. Lately and more recently than ever lifting has become a significant part of my life, my family and I have invested in a bench set curling bar pull up bar and other various lifting equipment, not to mention all the jugs of protein.

To maintain a healthy body & lifestyle I will be required to work all parts of the body such as chest, arms, abs and legs. I will also be required to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. For test I can do workouts such as bench press, incline dumbbell press and push ups all of which isolate the pectoral muscles for the most part. Leg day can concise of such workouts like leg press, squats, lunges and jump stretch. Which are few of my favorite leg workouts where you really feel the burn and see the gains. Optional body composition and flexibility will come naturally as I continue doing gymnastics. I plan to work out almost everyday other than Sunday which will be my rest day. I see it fair to have two days dedicated to cardio which would probably fall on a Tuesday and Thursday. Mondays are the worst so why not have awesome workout? Chest and arm day on Mondays sounds good to me. What's harder than getting motivated to do a go...

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...d my brother who I often lift and work out with regularly. My brother has been an excellent source of motivation for me, throughout the years, to always improve and act, in a way, as competition to further push each other to become a little better and healthier.
Not only is maintaining a healthy lifestyle very important, but it may be one of the most important things you can do with your life. Your body is the one thing you will have your entire life and you should do your best to maintain it and keep it as healthy as possible. Also not only for the sake of aesthetics but it is important to keep your body healthy in order to live longer. It is widely known that those who keep up a healthy lifestyle, who workout and eat right live longer and with less health problems. Which is why it is very important to maintain a healthy balance in your diet and exercise regularly.

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