Personal Experience in Indonesia and in the US Essay example

Personal Experience in Indonesia and in the US Essay example

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Hippocampus. It is a word that I used to confuse people around me. I

thought I would be the only one among the people I know who would have

known the actual meaning of it. Not surprisingly, almost everyone thought it

means a school for hippos. Well, almost. Until I, hubristically talked about it over

a typical family dinner. The man who sat opposite me responded, “ Oh really?

Well, I actually know what that means, It is a part of your brain.” To sum up,

that was the day when I felt extreme cognitive dissonance. But it was also the

day when I took my dad much more seriously.

My father’s full name is John Doe. He was born on 3th of January 1961

in Indonesia. He is a son of Peter Doe and Martha Smith

In indonesia people are

very passionate about food. Growing up as a child, he was very active and loud.

He was considered to be a valiant kid. Despite that, he was actually most

petrified of getting lost in the crowd, especially in a market full of people. His

father’s name is Peter. His father was working as a jeweler. Their house was filled

with radiant atmosphere, but almost calamitous as well. This is because he has 3

brothers. His mother was the only female in the house. She is a very composed,

loving and always displays a high level of energy, even until the present time. His

father is the most influential person for him, especially by his example of

diligence and loving care.

During his school life in Indonesia Methodist school, Lock was his nickname.

He was one of the few children who actually enjoyed studying. Describing him as

a student socially, he was a gregarious and considerate person,while on the

academic side, he was ...

... middle of paper ...

...n be easily

spotted through the new gadgets for children. He remembered that in the past,

their source of entertainment would mostly come from TV. As an adult, he has an

opinion about political matters. He personally admired president Franklin

Delano Roosevelt. He believed that he was a person with integrity and a great

example of a transformational leader. Presently, he has some things that he

would like to accomplish in life that he has not accomplished yet. These include

the desire to own a big mansion. Recently, he also likes to observe different

styles and designs of houses.

His life has been such a journey from a dreamer to an achiever. When I

asked him what would be his advice for teenagers, he answered “To love the

Lord, honor parents and achieve excellence in academic study with a successful

career in life.”

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