Personal Experience: College Education Essay

Personal Experience: College Education Essay

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College Essay

Education has always been important to me, especially since only a few of my family members have graduated from college. I have faced several obstacles growing up and many people, even some of my family members, believed I could not surpass them, but I did. These hardships have only given me the drive to reach my goal: acquiring a college degree.
My father’s struggle has been my biggest inspiration. My father had a very difficult childhood and only received a portion of his high school education. He basically had other obligations which were thrown onto him unfairly. My grandfather, who was the father of seven children, only two of which were males, suffered an accident which rendered him paralyzed from the waist-down. That same year my father illegally migrated into The United States in search for a better future for him and his family. All his income which he made was sent back to Mexico to aid his family in the poverty-stricken area in which they lived. He sacrificed his own life and education for the well-being of his family. As a result, my father learned hard l...

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