Essay on Personal Experience: Characteristics of a Good Nurse

Essay on Personal Experience: Characteristics of a Good Nurse

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Nursing is what has brought us together. We have started our Bachelor Completion to further our education. It has not taken me too long in this program to reflect about what the Associates in nursing and the Bachelor Completion mean to me. I consider that during the Associates, I learned the skills to become a nurse and now, I am learning to understand and appreciate what is to be a nurse.
Before I went to College to study nursing, I had a philosophy about it which has evolved as I have gained experience and knowledge. According to …..( ), philosophy is “a theory or attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior (p.sss). Therefore, our nursing philosophy should help us identify what are our priorities in nursing and how we should act as a nurse.
Although I know my nursing philosophy will keep changing overtime, currently I have a clear idea of what my beliefs are. I feel that a nurse should be motivated to help others, do something meaningful, and make a difference in other people’s lives. A nurse should be someone who values God’s creations, values life, and respects its course. A nurse should be a good listener and do no harm. In addition, I consider that nurses should be able to self asses themselves to avoid being judgmental when caring for people from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, I think that a nurse should also pay attention to detail to catch any errors or to identify some disease processes early, should be respectful to others’ ideas and decisions, and should be eager to learn as the field evolves. Finally, I believe a nurse should be strong and sensitive in order to treat others with humanity as well as providing support.
This philosophy could not exist without four main con...

... middle of paper ... and in hard copy. This way, if my computer fails, I can recover the information thanks to my hard drive. In addition, if the power fails for some reason or if the computer and the hard drive break down, I would have the information in hard copy. Moreover, I am considering storing my documents in some sort of electronic “cloud.” I currently have a virtual storage I can access through my email which acts the same way as a hard drive. I have also read that we can store our artifacts in Canvas. I would like to explore more about that.
I cannot wait to exchange impressions about our nursing philosophy as well as learn more about the professional portfolio development. I hope you have enjoyed my post. I truly enjoyed the topics and I felt I had a lot to say so hopefully it was not too long. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and comment it 

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