Essay about Personal Experience: Bad Hand Writing

Essay about Personal Experience: Bad Hand Writing

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I always prefer writing my paper on Word document because I have a terrible handwriting. When I was young, I did learn about beautiful handwriting. However, I’m not very patient, so I don’t like spending too much time on having my handwriting pretty. Therefore, even in elementary school, my handwriting scores were usually the worst. Because of my horrible handwriting, my mother sometimes got upset but I could not improve myself with that. She always told me when I grow up, I eventually have to fill out job applications, cover letters, etc. Therefore, as the employer never interviews applicants and the first things they see are handwritten application forms, those who have good handwriting will have such an advantage. Lucky for me, now with the advance of technology, these forms can be filled out electronically. It was only until secondary school that my mother stopped making me spend more time on practicing handwriting. Now with my computer science major, I use laptop a lot, and my handwriting must be even worse than it used to be. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t touched a pen in days, and when I do need to handwrite something, I will feel uncomfortable at first.
I used to write journal almost every day. However, that journal is for my English classes so it is more like a task, not a hobby. Hence, most of the time when I’m done with the class, I also stop writing journal. Moreover, I seldom reread those journals because every time it is mandatory that I write a journal for a class, the teacher also requires me to have a new notebook. Thus, I have many journals but each journal does not contain much, and it is hard for me to keep all these notebooks. Luckily, I just found myself writing journal again recently. However, my journal ...

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... me to stay away from distractions. As I am so easily distracted, I like a quiet study place. In addition, I need to stay really focused to study or analyze anything. Hence, I am not good at all at solving problems in group. I’m a pretty good listener, I can understand different opinions of group members but within a loud group, my brain cannot think thoroughly to determine which the best option is. Therefore, whenever I do not understand the lesson in class, I will have to spend sometimes rereading the materials myself. Nevertheless, as the result of staying focus, I make sure that I comprehend the lessons better and remember them longer.
In summary, it is hard for me to write and I do not write a lot. However, it will be easier for me to write just for fun or for my journal, when I don’t have to care about spelling, grammar, structure and content of the writing.

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