Personal Experience As A Child Of Divorce Essay

Personal Experience As A Child Of Divorce Essay

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Within his book Helping Children Survive Divorce: What to Expect, How to Help, Archibald Hart (1996) offers parents and caregivers practical suggestions for preventing psychological and social damage that children often encounter as a result of parental divorce. While his credentials as a noted author, speaker, and family therapist draw people to reading this book, Hart’s personal experience as a child of divorce provides his greatest authority in offering useful information on this topic. Hart’s premise is that parents need to realize that children are unwilling and voiceless participants in the breaking up of their families; therefore, fathers and mothers must prioritize finding ways to cushion children as much as humanly possible from the adversities that result from their choice to divorce.
After sharing his personal narrative of the many physical and emotional changes that he experienced as a result of his parents’ divorce, Hart begins to discuss specifically some of the destructive repercussions that divorce brings on children including the loss of access to full-time parents. The emotional upheaval bring confusion to children, as they try to establish how to distribute love and loyalty between their two parents. At the same time, these children are experiencing insecurity, loneliness, and anger at the loss of their family structure. In addition, divorce often brings practical hardships, as children can be forced to leave the familiarity of homes and finances become scarce due to the need for parents’ to establish separate households.
With the difficulties identified, Hart uses the rest of his book to detail solutions for parents and caregivers to soften the sting divorce brings to children. His advice deals with d...

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...comfort during these times are areas that I plan to study further. Just as with the youth ministry students, my family needs to realize that these emotions by both my nephew and themselves as caregivers are normal; yet, a consistent home life is the goal. Hart’s appreciation and love for his grandparents as they provided comfort and stability in his life will be an important point that I can share with my in-laws will demonstrate that their roles really are important.
While the reasons for divorce is always a result of sin, the effects that children must suffer should be lessened whenever possible. In order to gain a better grasp on the issues young people experience as a result of divorce, I must continue to study these ideas. Through more research on the effects of divorce, I can develop an approach to counseling, which will be valuable to my counseling work.

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