Personal Experience And Experience Level Essay

Personal Experience And Experience Level Essay

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1. Describe your experience and experience level in the following areas:
a. Preparation of operating budgets – I have experience creating full P&L’s, annual plan, operational cuts, operation expenditure reporting, budget versus actual- my level of experience in this area is advanced
b. Cost reduction analysis – I have experience with ad hoc reporting for cost reduction, annual plan reductions- my level of experience in this area is advanced
c. Financial modeling – I have experience creating financial models from assumptions in the annual plan, budget reporting, ad hoc reporting, reconciliations and other reporting models at PAE - my level of experience in this area is advanced
d. Feasibility modeling – I have experience with feasibility modeling from assumptions in the annual plan, budget reporting, ad hoc reporting, reconciliations and other reporting models at PAE - my level of experience in this area is advanced

2. Describe your experience and level with the following systems:
a. Microsoft Excel – Macros, conditional formatting, pivot tables, v/h lookups, sum/ sum if, statistical and financial formulas – my level of experience is advanced
b. QuickBooks – I have used this for past jobs and my grandpas trucking company - intermediate
c. Customer Relationship Management Software Application – I have experience in Microsoft dynamics CRM, knowledge of others and am intermediate in this software
d. Enterprise resource planning (ERPs) I have experience in dynamics, costpoint, jd Edwards, oracle, as 400, cognos and my ability to pick up new ERP systems and new technologies is innovative.

3. Do you have any Non-profit financial management experience? I have one year and a few months working for David C Cook as the inventory control...

... middle of paper ...

...rpreting key performance indicators and results and presenting to management. At PAE, I am in control of development of the annual plan, budgets, actual versus budget and monthly progress reviews. I have to obtain information across 150 projects, through 2 different integrated systems and make the data valuable. My success at PAE has been in the development of budgets, ad hoc reporting and reporting with significant accuracy of my reports. I report to the regional CFO, controller and operations manager.

9. Why are you interested in this opportunity? I am interested in this job because my competencies match exactly to the job description. I can bring my experience and expertise to ELV that will support the non-profit organization to be fiscally responsible, reduce costs in areas that can provide more funding for high quality Early Care and Education to those in need.

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