Personal Environemnt and Sexuality: How My Environment Influenced my Views on Sexuality

Personal Environemnt and Sexuality: How My Environment Influenced my Views on Sexuality

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Everyone regardless of background or culture has a specific set of beliefs or values. These beliefs and values can vary from being simply not liking to lie, to believing that homosexuality is a sin. Human beings can develop their particular set of beliefs and values through life experiences or even through reading a book. Almost every person has a moral code which they use to differentiate whether a specific problem is morally wrong or morally right. Sexual issues are some of the most debated of these problems. Some people fight tooth and nail over these issues because of what their specific religion has told them is right while others fight because they want the freedom to be able to express themselves as the sexual beings that we are. Culture ultimately determines how a person feels about a sexual issue, because regardless if a person forms their opinions on issues from the environment or books, culture is still enwrapped in these sources.
In this paper I will be discussing sexuality issues which mean something to me and which I personally believe need to be discussed. I have or am currently engaging in all of these sexual issues, giving me a firsthand point of view on the topics. Discussing these subjects will bring a different viewpoint and will hopefully help the reader to understand the mindset of those who actual engage in these sexual activities. The culture which I have been around has shaped my views on these issues, either making me agree with the issues or disagree. Either way, I am happy to discuss them and believe this is a great medium to address my feeling towards the matters.
Discussion of Sexuality Issues
In this discussion of sexuality issues I will be speaking on three issues which are homosexuality (...

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...ving that a relationship should just be between a person and one other person. The addition of anyone else leads to trouble, in my opinion. If it were possible to go back and warn myself against being in an open relationship, I would. It made my trust issues even worse, and my self-confidence was further damaged because I never would have thought that he would say the things which he said to me. He used being in an open relationship, which we both agreed to partake in, against me in order to make me look bad. I believe that if we had stayed in a monogamous relationship then he would not have been as hurt, and he would not felt the desire to see me hurt in return. Even though open relationships may start off innocent, at least one person ends up being hurt, as it is difficult to balance and develop the feelings and routines most people look for in a relationship.

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