Personal Development Of A Family Essay

Personal Development Of A Family Essay

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A family is defined as a “system within a system”, it is actually compared to a self operating entity in which each part is related to another in order for it to correctly function (Sigelman & Rider, 2012, p.470). Sigelman and Rider (2012) agree that, the family is a changing system, in a sense, because there are new members that come in, some others pass away, and that changes sometimes the roles of each and everyone in the system. There are multiple relationships in the family such as parents-children, and siblings to siblings. Also, families nowadays exist in a changing world; therefore we are seeing more unmarried parents, more working mothers, more divorces, and more multigenerational families (Sigelman & Rider, 2012, pp. 472-473).

Personal Development

In Africa, family plays a tremendous role in our daily life. I can consider myself coming from a big family, especially on an extended point of view. Even though my parents decided to only have two children, they both come from a big family with many siblings. My father has fifteen siblings including half-brothers, and my mother has five siblings. I, then, grew up with a lot of cousins, aunties, uncles, and grandparents. We were taught to respect and support each other, and to also consider each other as siblings. For example when we were all in the family house on Sunday afternoons, we would all get the same privileges, and we would all be reprimanded if one of us would misbehave.
One of the first aspects that I learned is that, being the eldest of all the children in the family, I have to protect and look out for the youngers. Everything I would do in my life would have a certain impact in their lives, whether it would be positive or negative. I have the respon...

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...y and for a long time. For example, I have always been romantically involved for long period of times since adolescence. I have been with my significant other for almost four years now. In friendship as well, I have known my best friend for the past fourteen years, and I have most of my closest friends since freshman year in high school. My attachment to people being one of my biggest challenges, I have learned over time to select the persons allowed in my circle, to avoid being attached to the wrong crowd. The older I will get, the more I will be selective, because my priorities will switch from one to another, and some friends might just be left along the way. At each stage of life, friends will take a certain place for me. They can be important during the first and last years of my life, but for most of my adulthood, my priorities will be my family and my career.

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