Personal Development Is A Lifelong Process Essay

Personal Development Is A Lifelong Process Essay

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Personal Development is a lifelong process that involves the assessment of current skills and talents and the enhancement of oneself based on that assessment which then leads to the realization of goals and an improved quality of life. To be able to assess yourself, you need to be able to reflect on your past which helps you to understand the attitudes you have developed and the foundation that you will be building your life on. Also, you have to reflect on your present to see if there’s room for improvement and reflect on your future so that you can achieve your aspirations.
Like everyone else, family and friends have played a vital part in my life and have affected my outlook on money and career. I grew up in a family of six, with my father, who is an IT engineer, as the head and sole breadwinner of the family because in my country -Saudi Arabia- there aren’t many opportunities for women to advance. Although he made sure that we lived a pretty comfortable life, I would often see him foregoing his needs and wants to fulfil those of his family. So, I wondered about how different our lives could have been if my mom (or me as the oldest child) were working along with him. I believe that a person should be able to earn enough so that he/she can not only afford the desires of his/her family but can also afford their own needs and wants. Therefore, money should be able to satisfy more than just our basic physiological needs. Except for a few, most of my friends lived in patriarchal households. As a result, all of us understood the importance of saving money and carefully spending it. This aspect of our lives played an important part as it allowed us to understand the significance of earning for ourselves and of being independent.
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... there’s a variety to choose from. I will be paying taxes on the property I own, on my income and when or if I earn a gain on the sale of my stocks.
Planning for your retirement is another important task as you will no longer have a steady stream of income and you will have to rely on the wealth you have created so far. One of the options I would consider will be having a 401k plan with my employer. This choice, will not only reduce my current income tax, but later any withdrawals from this account will be taxed at the ordinary income rate; the only problem with this plan is that not many employers offer it. So I will also have to rely heavily on my direct savings which I understand have to be enough taking into consideration the impact inflation can have on the purchasing power of money (inflation reduces the purchasing power).That’s how I anticipate my life to be.

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