Personal Autobiography : The First Born Out Of Four Children Essay

Personal Autobiography : The First Born Out Of Four Children Essay

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Intellectual Autobiography
I was born on January 9, 1967, in Portsmouth, Virginia, and grew up as the third born out of four children. My mother was a single mother raising four children on her own. It was not a decision she chose, but because of life circumstances, she was placed in that position. My mother had just found out that she was one month pregnant when my father died in a very severe car accident in Rose Hill, a small town in Duplin County, North Carolina on May 9, 1966. He was driving back home to Virginia from visiting his parents’ home in Pender County, North Carolina. The weather was gloomy due to a heavy downpour of rain. In the opposite direction was a semi dump truck in which the driver lost control, because of the slippery roads. He ran head-on into my father’s vehicle, killing him instantly.
My mother was a very influential person in my life. When I was six months old, she took a job at National Linen Service, and stayed there for over forty years. I was fortunate in the fact that my grandmother helped raise my siblings and myself when my mother went to work. My mother was an extremely introverted person around people outside of my family. She did not like to eat at restaurants because she did not want other people to see her eat. She would prefer to stay home instead of going out with friends.
“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” (""Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself": FDR 's First Inaugural Address".) I can say that my life from childhood into adulthood was shaped and formed by fear. It was something I saw in my mother and consequently became a part of me. As a child in elementary school, I was assigned projects that required me to stand in front of the class and explain my project. I was s...

... middle of paper ... my peers. Our insights would be to focus on solutions and through creative problem solving we will be able to attain successful resolution.
My passion and love for children generated an interest in education. Teaching was always a part of me and was demonstrated in my life but it was a silhouette behind fear. I know that my experiences are what helped shape or mold me into the woman I am today. I want to impact a young child’s life; the same way I have been impacted by influential educators. I want to demonstrate the same knowledge, skills, and disciplines that will change the path of young people who are walking in the wrong direction or not walking at all. I know from my own journey that there will be a day when you have to learn to face your giant, because if you don’t, it drains you of all your power and that power could be your dreams, hopes, or ambitions.

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