Personal Assessment Of My Heritage Essay

Personal Assessment Of My Heritage Essay

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Diversity can simply be defined as the state of being diverse, but it is just not that simple. Being diverse can be complex because every human being is diverse from one another in some way. We all are born into a family with certain values, expectations, etc. that start us off by being diverse from one another. On top of that, we are also diverse by what nationality, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status, gender, etc. that we hold. There are many aspects of our selves that can make us diverse, and I know that many of my own aspects make me diverse. This diversity is what makes us who we are; it gives us our personal identity. For this paper, I would like to examine my diverse aspects and give a personal assessment of my heritage and also reflect upon the diversity and culture in which I was raised.
Growing up I feel as through I never really understood my heritage. Yes, I knew what my ethnicity and nationality were, but I never truly understood what that meant. I am mostly Greek, and growing up I knew this, but my family never really showcased any cultural aspects of this e...

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