Personal Assessment Of Leadership Style Essay

Personal Assessment Of Leadership Style Essay

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Personal Assessment of Leadership Style
In order for leaders to be effective in various roles and changing environments in their personal lives and occupations, they must acquire knowledge of different styles and theories of leadership. "Debate is common about which leadership style is most effective. The answer, of course…it all depends" (Kohntopp, 2012). Through completing the leadership assessment to determine how personal characteristics categorize into Kent University’s leadership styles, and comparing the classification of these various styles as they pertain to personal experience, one can determine what characteristics to utilize dependent on specific scenarios. By implementing the C.O.A.T. theory of assessment, as well as the Transformational Leadership Model, a comparison can be made for a better understanding of the elements which make an effective leader, culminated by the identification of a modern-day example.
The University of Kent Leadership Assessment
According to the University of Kent assessment, I scored equally high in Procedural, Transformational, and Participative leadership styles. Procedural being task-oriented, bureaucratic and managerial. Transformational being charismatic, and Participative being democratic or consulting. My lowest scores were at the extreme ends of the spectrum, being Authoritarian and Laissez Faire. After reading through the descriptions of each leadership style, I was relatively surprised at some of the characteristics, yet others were results that I had expected. In the example of Procedural style, many of the characteristics resonated with my previous experience in restaurant management and this was the most expected outcome. This environment was very fast paced and required a high...

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...ile environment, he has utilized effective problem solving skills and maintained this charismatic leadership style, continuing to inspire despite a difficult presidential agenda. (Rockman, 2012)
In conclusion, through assessing my personal leadership styles and identifying the ideal method based on my personal experience, I have determined that Transformational leadership is the most suitable approach for me personally. When comparing what can be learned from the C.O.A.T. theory of assessment in addition to the Transformational Leadership Model, I see how each characteristic of this leadership style can be applied to various situations that I will encounter in my future career. By working to adopt the positive attributes of this style while avoiding the potential downfalls, I can continuously progress further in my pursuit of becoming an effective leader.

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