Personal And Professional Life Balance Goals Essay

Personal And Professional Life Balance Goals Essay

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To wake up determined to improve the world. Do not settle for good when great can be obtained through hard-work and sacrifice. Once greatness is achieved, lend a helping hand so that others may get there as well. Greet everyone with a smile and love. Go to bed with no regrets and ready to do it all over again.
I will strive to be a great father and husband.
I will work hard to ensure an ethical and hard-working practice.
I will attend every child’s baseball game or dance recital.
I will listen to criticism.
I will volunteer my time to help those who are less fortunate.
I will be generous with my money and love.
I will be a role model for those who need one.
I will get knocked down but get up stronger.
Telling people what needs to be done in an effort to accomplish a common goal. This is followed by acting out what should be done so others may observe and follow that example. Inspiring people to perform to their highest ability. When things aren’t going well, stepping up to take blame for the failure and taking the needed steps to fix this problem.
I believe this definition is appropriate because it mentions how it is not only about collaborating with others to achieve something. Leadership is also about fixing something if the end product isn’t right and taking blame for that mistake.
A system of moral codes that can to be applied to tough situations. Not only a system of moral codes, but the execution of what your system says to do. Decisions are often based on putting others before yourself. The gray area between right and wrong where something may work for one situation but be wrong in a slightly different situation.
Ethics are often d...

... middle of paper ... any government since they were aware of the corruption.
It is important to be ethically in all aspects of our lives. This means hiring people because they deserve the job and using funds as well as supplies properly. This is why it is important for Jenny to risk her own job and career to end the corruption.
Jenny needs to continue up the chain of command by telling the department head about the corruption. If the department head also tells Jenny to be quite, she must publically blow the whistle.
1. Take detailed notes about the meeting with Matt
2. Take detailed notes about the corruption in the office
3. Consult with the department head about the corruption
4. Take detailed notes about the meeting with the department head
5. Consult with a lawyer if told to keep quite again
6. Release the information you have to law enforcement and the media

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