Personal And Family Needs For The Health Of Older Patients Essay

Personal And Family Needs For The Health Of Older Patients Essay

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Due to America’s rapidly growing elderly population, nurses need to understand and meet the needs of this specialized group. Gerontological nurses are well-prepared to promote the health of older patients by teaching healthy lifestyles, screening to detect chronic diseases, promoting immunizations, assessing for injury prevention, and instructing self-management techniques (Tabloski, 2014-a). J.B. is an active, 70 year old female client who allowed me to interview her for this paper using questionnaires, assessment tools, and scales. In this paper, I will summarize the two interviews with J.B., list her strengths and weaknesses, discuss J.B.’s personal and family needs, review the results of the assessment, and develop two nursing care plans that include diagnosis, supportive information, and outcomes/goals.

Client Strengths and Weaknesses
Medical care continues to move toward a holistic patient-centered approach. Assessing the patient’s strengths and weaknesses enables the nurse to provide patient care in a way that decreases costs, increases satisfaction and improves outcomes. Including the family support system in decision-making recognizes the patient’s overall life situation and experiences. Nurses who utilize patient and family centered care have the ability to gather more information, decrease resource utilization, improve follow-through and increase efficiency (Clay & Parsh, 2016). J.B.’s immediate family support system consists of her husband, daughter and grandson. She also has two sons who live over two hours away.
J.B. is a relatively healthy, active, independent woman who has many strengths to draw upon to stay healthy. Assessment results show her mental status, functional mobility, strength, nut...

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...itis there are days when transferring and toileting are more difficult, so this score could vary depending on how much pain she is having. The day I interviewed her, she reported her pain was low, but when her pain is flared, her level of dependence could increase.
Mini-Mental Status Exam
J.B. earned a perfect score of 30 when I assessed her using the Mini-Mental State Examination. She was oriented, showed remarkable memory, followed detailed directions, invented a sentence independently and copied the geometrical picture without difficulty (Alzheimer’s Association, n.d.). Her ability to run the household, work part-time in a chiropractor’s office and assume primary care for her grandson also supports the fact she has a high degree of cognitive function. The recommendation moving forward is to reassess her in six months or sooner if needed.
Fall Prevention Scale

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