Personal Account of Exploring New Cultures through an International Fair

Personal Account of Exploring New Cultures through an International Fair

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For this experience I chose to go to the international festival. The reason was because the international festival is an attraction for all the different cultures, and attending such event will enable me to experience more than one cultural experience. More than 20 countries participated in the event, which helped in expanding the experience scope. I have learned many new things about different cultures, weather they where foods, games, arts, and dances.

The first cultural experience I encountered is trying different foods from different cultures. I believe food is an important part of a culture. I always though we Arabs had the best tasting food; I was shocked by the quality of taste other cultures have. I also was surprised how nearby cultures have similar food “recipes”. For example, I tried the Kenyan Samosa, which was very delicious, and was very similar to the Arabian Samosa (90% similarity). I asked the chef there: This Samosa taste very similar to the samosa my mom makes, how come? We are not the same culture! He then told me that he “believes” that due to the old ...

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