Person-Centred and Relationship-Centred Care Essay

Person-Centred and Relationship-Centred Care Essay

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This essay is an exploration of my own perceptions about person-centred and relationship-centred care directives from the positive and the negative perceptions of effectiveness felt from all stakeholders.
Reflecting on my original thoughts relating to providing a person-centred care directive has not changed, it has only become firmer, especially with the addition of relationship-centred care. Person-centredness is the underpinning I received in my training as a counsellor, with one of my elective units being family and relationships. Therefore the inclusion of relationship-centred care seems logical as people do not live in isolation, as discussed by (Windle & Bennett, 2012) people do not travel through their life alone they interact with others and build learning relationships, and it is these relationships that can become the care relationship, especially if it is the person’s child or partner.
When thinking about being person-centred and the core skills involved which additionally apply to relationship-centred care, it is unconditional positive regard holding the person in respect, empathy and congruence or authenticity. As (Fox , 2007) proposes the skills are used, whilst listening without judgement to the story and holding the person safely in their experience of their emotion. It is additionally suggested by (Corey, 2009, pp. 164-196) that person-centred theories in counselling are supported by very existential theories that deal with the here and now of people’s experience. In addition with the core skills such as valuing the relationship between the client and the counsellor or care provider, with respect, congruence, non-judgement, empathy, and a belief that the person themselves is the one with the answers. Furthermore...

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