Person Centered Therapy And The Existential Therapy Essay

Person Centered Therapy And The Existential Therapy Essay

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Reflecting on the Person-Centered Therapy, it is similar to the Existential Therapy because it focuses on the client/therapist relationship, where the therapist needs to be totally genuine, empathetic and non-judgmental toward their clients in order to gain the client’s trust. I like the fact that the Person-Centered Therapy views the client as their best authority on their own experience, and being fully capable of fulfilling their own potential for growth. I also like the fact that the therapist is non-directive, does not give advice and there is no specific technique involved. Person Centered Therapy can basically develop their own technique as their relationship develop with the client.
I believe the Person-Centered Therapy focuses on present moment, experiencing, and expressing feelings and optimistic towards human nature. I like that Person-Centered Therapy provides unconditional positive regard and tends to listen to what the client is saying. Also Person-centered therapy can help individuals of all ages with a range of personal issues. I like the idea that the Person-Centered Therapy can help individuals to overcome specific problems such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorder, and alcohol addictions.
When I think about the Person-Centered Therapy and reflect on my own life, it reminds me of a scripture from bible that said may God”, the source of hope fill me all joy and peace by means of my faith in him so that my hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I believe that I should trust my inter spirit to lead me in making the right choices for my life.

Therapeutic Goals
I do believe therapeutic goals are valuable because it is a no-directive form of talk therapy that...

... middle of paper ...

...-directive which allows the client to be the focus of the therapy session without the therapy giving advice.
Theoretical Approach
I believe the person-centered therapy approach is non-directive optimistic therapy that focuses on the client’s ability to make changes in his or her life and encourages clients to strive for self-actualization. Limitations may lead therapists to just be supportive of clients without challenging, but what about the ones that are not motivated to change? What I like most about the therapy is there is no specific technique involved where the therapist can basically develop their own technique as their relationship with client develops. What I like least about therapy is that clients are not challenged enough, and some culturally diverse clients might need a more structured therapy because of their specific background and beliefs.

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