The Persecution of Modern Day Muslims Essay

The Persecution of Modern Day Muslims Essay

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Religious persecution has been around since the beginning of recorded history. Within the past decade, Muslims have been the target of religious persecution because of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Most people today will not go out of their way to learn about another culture’s religion and would rather believe that all Muslims in America have the same bad intentions in their mind. Because of these actions Muslims in America are treated unfairly. Muslims have also taken a lot of harassment from those of the Christian faith as well because of their religious faith. In this essay the persecution of Muslim’s will be discussed and the various solutions that can be used to end their unfair treatment.
One of today’s biggest problems towards Muslims is the hate that is displayed towards them after September 11th. We blame the innocent because of the works done by the extremist, “Second, I see as a victim the image of Islam around the world, which was distorted by extremists who do not speak for one billion Muslims around the World.” (Bhutto 294). These extremist would see any other religions wiped off the face of the planet because they do not believe in the Islamic faith. Not all Muslims think like this, but because people have taken in the idea that all Muslims think like this people think that they all have bad intentions in their minds.
The solution to this problem is that the people of the United States need to stop blaming the average Muslim person for what happened. It is not the everyday Muslim who bombed the twin towers. It was the Muslim Extremist group of Al-Qaeda. Because of this hatred towards them the average Muslim has been made to change their way of life, “Many Muslims in America live in terror o...

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...ime will tell.

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