Essay about Persecution of Jews during World War II

Essay about Persecution of Jews during World War II

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Persecution of Jews increased during World War two as Nazis invaded more countries; which contained thousands of Jews. The increased number of Jews meant that the problem increased greatly. The ways in which the Nazis dealt with the Jews gradually changed throughout the years. First it started by isolating them from society, then exportation out of Europe, then ghettoisatiion;which failed because of the mass number of people. Later on they brought in methods such as the Einsatzgruppen, Concentration and labour camps and gas chambers. In this essay I will write about each of these methods that contributed to the elimination of Jews from 1941 onwards.

The Einsatzgruppen wasformed by Himmler and Heidrich. The Einsatsgruppen was a special action group known as mobile killing squads. The special actions that this group referred to were mass murders. Their operations marked the opening stages of the planned extermination of Jews in Europe. They were the heralds of the Holocaust. These squads were sent with armies to remove Jews in conquered countries. One way they went about this was mass shootings, these shootings took place in secluded and isolated areas. The Jews would be lined up and shot, sometimes they were forced to dig their own grave before being shot. To make sure that no one would find out about these mass killings they destroyed all evidence by burning the bodies or burying them. It was not long before that the Nazis figured out that it was less efficient as it was taking up too much time, too many men, wasting too many bullets and it seemed to have a psychological damaging effect on the men. This lead them to introduce other methods.

The use of harmful gas to kill humans was the action they took next. The SS discove...

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...or long hours. On their arrival they had to shower in freezing or boiling conditions, they got their hair shaved off so they would all look alike. They were not called by their names but by a number that was painfully tattoos onto their arm. They were given uniforms which had to be on during the time they spent in the camps. Their identity was stripped from them. In these camps they worked producing goods, clothes, jewellery, war products or anything that benefited the Nazis. Just like in the Ghettos, the Jews had to live in inhumane conditions. There was not enough food, a lack of hygiene as a result people died from starvation and illnesses. They were forced to work for more than 10 hours a day without any breaks. Those who couldn’t cope were killed. The Jewish prisoners that survived were those who helped the Nazis with the disposal of dead bodies and the cleaners.

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