Essay on The Permanency of Death

Essay on The Permanency of Death

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It is common knowledge that every living thing must die eventually; death is inevitable. Some people die earlier than others, while some live long, prosperous lives. Death, however, does not always refer to the physical body. Many notable authors examine the many different “deaths” that are possible. Death could be used to refer to the death of the soul as evil takes over, or the death of hope as one is unable to cope with a loss of child. George Orwell is one of these authors, as he demonstrates death in various ways. Death is a complex theme in Orwell’s novel, 1984, as it examines the atypical “deaths” that humans can experience. Orwell examines the death of social order when the Party takes over in a totalitarian manner. He examines the death of the family unit, the death of rebellion, the death of individuality, and the death of language. The most evident death, however, is the death of the mind. He demonstrates this sort of death through Winston’s complex character as he meets his eventual fate. Throughout his novel, Orwell foreshadows Winston’s eventual “death” through his word choice and tone, through Winston’s childhood memories, and through Winston’s surroundings.
Word choice and tone of voice are very important in the novel. Orwell uses tone as a means of emphasis; throughout the novel, the tone is generally pessimistic, unless he is writing about the government. Right from the beginning, Oceania is introduced as an overly-military society; “the clocks were striking thirteen” (3), not one. Orwell already introduces Hate Week and Big Brother to the reader on the first page, introducing the reader to the complex governmental issues the novel covers. 1984 serves as a warning to communism and as a result, ...

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...ay he does, leaving Winston suffering in an eternal hell. This death of the mind is far worse than physical death for Winston, as the one thing he had –freedom– is stolen from him. This “death” is meant to leave the reader angered and annoyed, in order for the book to serve the purpose of leaving the reader disgusted by totalitarian regimes. Most people, at the time the novel was written, had great hopes and expectations for the future; it just so happened that communism became the new social experiment. Many people truly believed that this sort of governance was the best way to rule a country. George Orwell was able to see through the picturesque depiction. Today, almost all people would agree that they would not wish to live in a totalitarian society; Orwell was successful in his attempt to warn the general population of communistic ruling.

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