Essay about The Period Between 3400 And 2900 B.c

Essay about The Period Between 3400 And 2900 B.c

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Following the period between 3400 and 2900 B.C.E., when literacy began to increase, both the individual and society managed to yield certain distinctions that characterized the protoliterate era. Protoliterate describes the early stages of literacy and the protoliterate era in this case refers to the early Mesopotamian civilization where only a select number of individuals, namely church officials who preached the word of the Lord were able to read and write. However, with Gutenberg 's invention of the printing press in the fifteenth century, the codex became more widespread, allowing for texts to be produced faster and with cheaper materials. Moreover, the Bible was able to be printed in the vernacular leading to the eventual rise in literacy. With this advancement in literacy, individuals lose the possibility of exploitation, because of aspects of the Bible to which they aren 't exposed, while society loses the social divide between the literate and illiterate, theoretically, and loses the ability to be able to take advantage of said individuals. Consequentially, Martin Luther utilized the printing press and the rise in literacy to disparage the practices of the Catholic Church with his "95 Theses" and spark the Reformation. Thus, secularism became more widespread as more and more people became literate as they took upon themselves to learn to read for the sake of reading the Bible as opposed to going to church to learn of the word of God. Individuals lost the disadvantage they previously had in expanding their field of knowledge which resulted in the loss of the supposed animalistic nature as literacy differentiates man from beast.
In society, literacy led to the doing away of close, deep readings, religious fervor and the l...

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...s found in the media. Take it this way, it was much easier to take the word of God back then and twist the interpretation when not many people owned a Bible. There would be little to no rebuttal because they do not know any better.
Though literacy distinguishes those who have and do not have a primitive mind, supposedly as well as provide for advancements in the media, it also allows for a greater divide between societies and steps towards materialistic and worldly approaches. From Gutenberg 's printing press that made the Bible available in copious amounts to being able to print other media, there is no doubt that the literacy and the printing press was advantageous for a society that was able to access it. However, to those that didn 't, it kept their society at the level they started with while others moved up. Literacy was directly proportionate to secularism.

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