Essay about Pericles Funeral Oration : The Athenian Era

Essay about Pericles Funeral Oration : The Athenian Era

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Pericles Funeral Oration is a speech that was given by Pericles whom was the Athenian 's Strategos (military commander) and written down by the famous historian, Thucydides that was an Athenian that attended the speech. The speech is Pericles effort to rally the Athenian people and lift their spirits and moral at a funeral after losing soldiers or member of war in the first battle of the Peloponnesian war, so that they would continue the good fight and not give up. Pericles attempts this by telling the Athenian people that their way of life, their form of democracy, what their ancestors fought for, their great military and policies, their constitution are all at stake and they must standup in order to preserve the beautiful culture and sense of greekness that they have.
Pericles starts the speech with talking about the Athenian ancestors and how they passed down and modified their great form of government and culture from generation to generation. This was a great way to start the oration seeing that they were at a funeral. Athens greatly appreciated their ancestors and the dead. They showed this appreciation through this the oration at the funeral, the cypress tress they were buried in, and by paying for the cost of the deceased military through government funding. What Pericles was attempting to do was bring into perceptive of exactly what their ancestor have died for, they died for them to carry on their way of life and their culture, that’s why he started it here making it more relevant to the rest of the speech which isn’t really relative to a funeral if this wouldn’t have been said.
In an attempt to show the Athenians about their great one of a kind constitution and democracy form of government he says "Our...

... middle of paper ... men were enabled to win all this”. The Athenian ancestors have built a great form of government, education, military policy, navy, and they died in courage to win all of this for you. Now you must decide if you will do the same for your future citizens and pray that you have a different outcome then them by living.
This speech really showed the greatness that was present in Athenian culture. It almost would make anybody want to go back and fight for their way of life. Pericles’s speech was uplifting to all at a most important time in Athens’s history. I believe that he achieved his goal for the time being and that he gave proof the Athens that they had something worth fighting for. But, it wasn’t enough to defeat Sparta in the overall battle of things unfortunately due to Sparta having strong allies, stopping Athens production and flow of food, and the plague.

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