Essay on Performance Triad That Supports The Ready And Resilient Campaign

Essay on Performance Triad That Supports The Ready And Resilient Campaign

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In this paper will explore the performance triad that supports the Ready and Resilient Campaign (Army Public Health Center). The Performance Triad represents Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep which are the three key components that can influence the cognitive and physical performance of Soldiers (Army Public Health Center).

While each component is independently important, which is the most important subject to YOU when it comes to Soldier readiness? The three key components of the performance triad are nutrition, physical activity and finally sleep. I feel that they are all three important in their own way. Sleep as defined by Webster dictionary is “the natural state of rest during which your eyes are closed and you become unconscious”. But based on the performance triad sleep is “very critical in achieving optimal physical, mental, and emotional health” (Army Public Health Center). I feel that sleep is very important for long life and better health.
Activity as defined by Webster dictionary is “the state of being active: behavior or actions of a particular kind”. But based on the performance triad is “more than just “exercise” or “working out”- it’s living an active lifestyle” (Army Public Health Center). I feel that activity is very important to our bodies to stay alive and to be healthy. Nutrition as defined by Webster dictionary is “the process of eating the right kind of food so you can grow properly and be healthy”. But based on the performance triad is “eating or fueling needed for performance that enables top level training, increases energy and endurance, shortens recovery time between activities, improves focus and concentration which helps us look and feel better” (Army Public Health Center). I...

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...o the consideration that some soldier have intestinal problems after eating MRE’s, then that is when I would inform them that during the hot meal time there will be fruit and salad provided that they should make sure that they eat them items and that would help with their bowel issues.
As a leader I feel that it is important to provide details to your solders on what to expect while out in the field. I would also provide them the opportunity to go and purchase items that they would like to take out with them to the field. Also, I would inform them of the importance of hydration and inform that water will be provided from a water buffalo, so I they would like to drink bottled water they would need to bring it with them. As a leader while making sure that our soldiers are taken care of nutritional, we need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves as well.

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