Performance Reviews On Employee Performance Essay

Performance Reviews On Employee Performance Essay

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There are also annual performance reviews that are used to help get feedback on the employee by others in the company. Examples of performance reviews are the following; 360-degree feedback, employee performance, and management performance. 360-degree feedback is one of the most effective when it comes to having an over all self look at yourself from the you supervisors, co workers, peers, and subordinates. This is a good way to stay motivated and work hard in front of everybody in the company because you never know who can be the one evaluating you. These surveys should always be taken in a casual manor and anonymous to avoid any conflict in the workplace.
Employment recognition programs help when it comes to improving work motivation by shedding light on the positive things that employees are doing. Focusing on the positive instead of the negative all the time can really help when it comes to having to give constructive criticism to each individual. It is said in Forbes Leadership articles that, “Even if you are not high enough in your company to hand out huge bonuses and extra vacation time, you can still recognize the employees by acknowledging their hard work” (Forbes). Acknowledgment for hard work will make an individual want to work hard to achieve more recognition, the more you are recognized could be the difference between a promotion and a demotion. The way you show your recognition is all in the delivery and the presentation. Some want to be acknowledged in front of an audience to let them see all the hard work they’ve done, and some employees want the one on one email from the manager or supervisor. This can also encourage the rest of the team to want to do better in order to get praise and recognition too, it will ...

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...and not a person.
In conclusion, all an employee wants is to be treated like a human, they want to feel that their tasks and skills are needed, and they are a part of achieving the goals and vales set to them by the company. Creating an environment with less boredom and burn out will be essential for the company in order to keep motivational factors high amongst others. Rewarding good behavior in the work place is a great way to keep them wanting more, more acknowledgments and more achievements. Leaving the employees out of the dark and keeping them in the light so that nothing hits them without them having any clue its coming. It’s not a hard task to keep a person motivated but it is just that as task and it takes time and effort from managers in order to run an effective and productive work environment for themselves and the heart of their company, the employees.

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