Essay on Performance Review Meeting Can Be Pressured And Patronising

Essay on Performance Review Meeting Can Be Pressured And Patronising

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As stated by Snow (2011), “Distorted pay scales may mean loss of staff motivation and the reward that comes from promotion and training.” A situation was taken from an article by Chase Et. Al (2000), for a case study of how Jean, an unappreciated employee who has given her organisation six years of hard work and dedication, would deal with a situation where she needs to confront her boss regarding issues seeming unfair to her.
“If the pay differentials between staff are not re-instated, there could be discontent between groups.” To address this de-motivation that Jean was feeling, she decides to meet with her boss. Performance review meeting can generally be pressured and patronising. The most ideal way of communication using various skills, is analysed in the below report.
Jean’s plan of action would comprise of various skills acquired during her experience listed as follows.
Listening implies much more than hearing. While hearing is a physical act, listening is intellectual. “The ability to understand and give response effectively to verbal communication is known as listening. Thus listening, among others, is one of the most essential skills one should have.” (Rane, 2011)
Listening demands a lot of concentration (Rane, 2011) and only through active listening can Jean learn new information and thus avoid any misunderstandings, lack of co-ordination and embarrassing situations (Rane, 2011).
When a person is able to listen efficiently, he has a much better chance at getting along with others, build relationships and effectively interact. This ensures organisation harmony and cohesion (Rane, 2011).
Few important things Jean should keep in mind while speaking with her HOD is, keeping an open mind to con...

... middle of paper ... to learn the culture and thus build relationships.
Strategic thinking, interpersonal relationships and communication and strong mentoring tools to advocate your capabilities. “The ticket to success is an education, hard work, and continuous improvement” (Firmin, 2016). Learning to adapt oneself to whatever environment one may find themselves in by trusting on the key foundation skills of communication and leadership which remain constant and have been proven time and again, will be ones guide to success(Firmin, 2016).
As cited in Min, Bei, Xu & Yucai, (2015), “employees need to change their former passive, short-term, and static behaviour patterns (Zhao, Zhao, Zhou, & Haibo, 2011).” “Companies also need staff to be flexible, to take initiative in response to being set tasks, and to take risks, all of which are proactive behaviours” (Min, Bei, Xu & Yucai, 2015).

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