Performance of Urban Schools vs Suburban Schools Essay

Performance of Urban Schools vs Suburban Schools Essay

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Students who go to school in urban schools are not given the same opportunities as a child their age in a suburban area school. Students who go to school in urban schools are put at a disadvantage compared to students who go to school in suburban areas. As a pre-service teacher it is my responsibility to work toward fixing this injustice and inform my surrounding community. As we look into this injustice we see how there are many solutions to this problem and that the government and people need to educated about this issue. There are some who are against changing or do not feel it is necessary to fight the educational system even though their children might be impacted. Through my research I found information supporting my viewpoint of helping to improve our educational system in the United States, but I was unable to find research or a scholarly article that agrees with the current educational program.
This social injustice within our nation’s education program is a concern to many people, but society or the government has not confronted it. People need to be informed about because in our constitution everyone has the right to a free public education and we should not place one district at an advantage over another. “The Constitution requires that all kids be given equal educational opportunity no matter what their race, ethnic background, religion, or sex, or whether they are rich or poor, citizen or non-citizen” (American Civil Liberties Union “ACLU”, 2003). Even if you are in this country illegally, you have the right to go to public school. Each student who goes into a school anywhere in the United States should be given the same level of education. If students were to go to school in California and they move to another st...

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...ry little for the school to buy the proper material for their students. This issue leaves the students of the urban schools at a disadvantage to students who attend a suburban school.

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