Performance of the Nursing Department in a Healthcare Institute

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Introduction In any healthcare institute arrangements related to patient hygiene, medication management and other associated problems such as risk of falls are some common problems that need to be addressed and streamlined in an effective manner. The performance of the nursing department of any healthcare institute can easily be assessed through these components and whether they are being followed in a proper manner or not. For this the healthcare institute that has been chosen for this purpose is Dargle Valley nursing home in Cookstown, Wicklow County (Sorcha, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to understand the problem, the significance of the topic which is under consideration, the impact that it has on patients and the community on the whole who is dependent on the healthcare institute and the ways in which practical application of nursing practices differ when compared with evidences obtained. Importance of Clinical Problem Poor hygiene and medication management flaws and loopholes in the processes that are followed by different health institutes and their nursing staff can be extremely problematic for patients who are admitted in these healthcare facilities or nursing homes. Many people who are admitted in these facilities are not physically fit to do many things on their own. They cannot change their own clothes, eat food on their own and even require help when it comes to walking. These suggest that such patients constantly require the presence of a nurse so that all their works can be done in an effective manner. Poor hygiene and cleanliness conditions prevalent healthcare institutes and under-staffing of nurses are some of the most common problems that nursing homes face when it comes to taking proper care of the pa... ... middle of paper ... ...utes can be reduced. For this the evidence based practice that has been chosen for curbing it is in the form of arranging proper training programs and workshops through which the staff of the institute as well as nurses who have completed their programs in these studies can understand and reduce the risk of such problems without any hassle. Works Cited Pollak, Sorcha (2014) ‘HIQA reports ‘major’ problems in Wicklow nursing home’ retrieved online from: Schmidt, N. A., & Brown, J. M. (Eds.). (2012). Evidence-based practice for nurses: Appraisal and application of research. (Laureate Education, Inc., custom ed.). Sudbury Agency for Healthcare and Research Quality. (2009). NGC guidelines syntheses. Retrieved from
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