The Performance Of Live Theatre Essay

The Performance Of Live Theatre Essay

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Live theatre can be described as a live performance performed by actors and actresses on stage in front of a live audience. Live theatre mainly consists of a stage, effects, lights, and props. Live theatre is composed of scenes, which include comedy, tragedy, action, and romance. The costumes, effects, and props increase the entertainment level for the audience. This was my first time experiencing live theatre by taking this class. I would have to say it was very different and it was definitely entertaining for me.
The first live theatre performance I had attended was An Evening with Taylor Mali. This performance consisted of slam poetry. I had taken my boyfriend with me to this event as well. This was my first time attending slam poetry. This event consisted of comedy full of humor and laughter. The tone of Mali was exciting. Every poem Mali read was interesting and had some meaning behind it. For example his poem Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog, Mali explains the perspective of love or being in love through the comparison between love and a dog. This event had Roman Theatre elements such as no chorus and no division of act or scenes. But Mali “the actor” gave an intimate and collaborative experience by drawing the audience and himself closer together through the interaction with the audience in between his poems. It also consisted of Greek Theatre elements such as it being poetry. What did not work for me was there was no usage of props and effects. The stage was empty, colorless, and looked very boring. However, Mali engaged with the audience by talking to us and was very loud and clear. He kept the entertainment level of energy high by being very energetic. I enjoyed the event but I am more of a chorus or musical type o...

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...evel for the people in order for them to come watch more theatre and drama. On the other hand, some people prefer movies to be more entertaining due to enhanced sound and edited picture. Movies are mainly offered everywhere meanwhile, live theatre is harder to find especially local. I would advise people to try out and attend live theatre plays and give it a try. It is a great experience for family and friends. I am glad that I took this course and had the chance to explore theatre and drama. I will definitely attend live theatre plays in the future. It is a different form of entertainment compared to movies. Theatre is composed of many emotions and will leave the audience feeling some type of way. In my opinion, theatre is a form of exceptional art. I had different empowering emotions and experience with these three events. Theatre is truly a memorable art of life.

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