The Performance Of A Theatre Production Essay

The Performance Of A Theatre Production Essay

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The most memorable part of a play that a person remembers when he or she leaves the theater are the people that came together as a group to make the production happen. The scenery, lighting, and special effects should not overpower the performance of the actors. It also should not determine whether or not a play is successful. Theatre productions such as You Tweet My Face Space, Home Chat, The Curious Incident of the dog in the Nighttime, Cats, and Peter Pan Goes Wrong are examples of plays that had wonderful playwrights and performers. Some of these productions used good supportive measures to make the play successful and some unfortunately used measures that overpowered the talent of the people in the show. It is very difficult to know where the line is drawn when it comes to how many supportive measures one uses for a production and when it just comes to be too much. A theatre production is successful because of the talent of its performers and its playwright.
In the production You Tweet My Face Space, Tom Hartwell was able to write as well as act in his own play. He took the complex topic of how social media is taking over the lives of the human population and turned it into a comedy that was simple and easy to follow. Tom cast his actors by picking them right out of acting school. Each person was extremely talented and didn’t need to rely on scenery or any supporting props to make the production successful. The only prop that was used throughout the whole play was a bench that was used to sit on. This was all that was needed. The costumes that were worn also added to the simplicity of the production. Each character dressed in the color that corresponded to the social media app that they were playing. For example, the actress...

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... playwrights who put in a lot of effort and commitment to the production to make the story comical and entertaining to watch.
In conclusion, it doesn’t take an elaborate set or a performance of flashing lights and obnoxiously loud sound effects to make a theatre production successful. It is the talent of the actors and the playwright that determine how well a play does. The audience of a play is supposed to come and see a production because of the people that are in it and not the other aspects of it which are supposed to be merely supportive. John Goodman said, “Actors are there to entertain people” (The Telegraph). A production is successful when its actors are able to accomplish this. It takes a special commitment from the actors and the playwright to the production in order for the audience to truly feel as if the story that they are actin in is actually real.

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