Performance Management That Drives Result Essay

Performance Management That Drives Result Essay

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Performance management that drives result
The diversity and complexity of a company can no long use one standard of performance guideline to fit with all employees who have a different background, educations, and experience. A portfolio of performance measurement is more popular as it can overall measure employee’s performance from much different perceptive. This is more acceptable by employees, so they do not tight to one single area, which may not be their expertise and their performance suffered. And now workers can do their best to maintain a possible good score for weakness area, and boost up performance score from the area that they do the best. Thus their overall score is higher, and an average score of the team is also higher. Ultimately this portfolio performance measurement benefits to the company. The higher enactments from employees that influence clients and customers are more willing to do business as results. It drives more satisfaction for employees and customers to the company and makes health circles.
The incentive program is always good and useful to motivate some individuals. The commission program is for the sales representatives to drive up the higher level of the revenue for the company. Some companies only give the basic salary to the front line sale employees. In compensation of that, the higher percentage commission of closing deals gives to the employee who signs the contract with customers. The incentive program directly pushes the potential of sales reps and drives performance higher for the company.

Fear of feedback
Feedback likes a mirror that shows good parts of a person and the parts that not bright. The good part is always most welcomed, and people like to hear when in an annual review. It is...

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...e external environment is changing for the new businesses entrant into the market, consumer buying habits alerts, technology, and regulation (global business), and internal network readjust by new hiring, R&D project, and reform. The core value drives the changes to fit better in with the altering of external and internal environment to keep substantial advantage through appropriate management. Although manager has difficult to modify the culture, readjust the behaviors and change the ways used to handle the business with core company value in mind to better response the environment alterations. Keeping the ball rowing, manager monitors for direction and speed to ensure the health modification of the behavior. By transformation of behaviors and performance improvement, that ultimately add elements and influence the business culture to become a new norm of philosophy.

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