Performance Management Is A Organic Business Tool Essay

Performance Management Is A Organic Business Tool Essay

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As a valued employee of Cumulus 1 (C1) Corporation I wanted to share a few outstanding concepts that I have learned recently through my master’s in business intelligence degree program. These concepts are useful as a small our executive to employee communication toolbox or as a business tactic with the potential to unite C1 employees behind our corporate strategy. Performance management is a organic business tool that utilizes the most powerful source of energy in the universe the innovation created through human intelligence, in real time.
Performance Management Fusion
Performance management primary function is simple but powerful. Performance management unlocks human intelligence through empowering all employees with the knowledge of how they are valued within the corporate strategy and what the corporate is. I know you are thinking of the town hall meetings, the lunch & learn, and the companywide training on customer service as C1’s primary focus. Did these excellent trainings inoculate the staff with knowledge to carry them through the year or are consistent booster shots needed to achieve optimal effect? Will each employee remember the training 365 days later? Performance management promotes employee outreach that becomes intrinsic and embedded within the daily function of every employee.

Why Performance Management
In the book Performance Management (Conkins, 2009, p. 12) identifies even major forces leading to corporate interest in performance management:
• Failure to execute the strategy - An employee is hired and trained to produce a product or service but in most situations not knowing how their job helps to implement corporate strategy. It is crucial for executive management to present the corporate strategy...

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...hboard showing company weekly progress or go full blown with a Balanced Scorecard and ABC accounting methods. Visual tools like dashboards can offer real time perspective of the employee performance, business unit performance and overall company performance empowering all stages to seek real time solutions.
Lastly, performance management does not seek to eliminate other business tactics such as Six Sigma, Quality or home grown tools like “serving those who serve” and C1 squared customer service initiative. Performance management‘s goal is to place these business tools in play daily to avoid impromptu meetings because production and/or motivation is down. As stated before, performance management is a organic business tool that utilizes the most powerful source of energy in the universe the innovation created through human intelligence, in real time.

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